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More Lifebook 2014 Pages

So many things have happened over the last year. I have been blogging over at kkmixedmedia.blogspot.com.au and kkjournaljounrey.blogspot.com.au and neglecting Prettye Junque. The Kreative Koncepts shop has closed and with it goes my Design Team duties. I will continue teaching Journal Journey, and once the mixed media blog has been closed down I will re-publish all of my content here.

I am still working my way through Lifebook 2014, in chunks mostly. I signed up in March or April 2014, so technically my year isn’t done yet. This is a batch of pages I scanned yesterday. I have put the teacher’s name next to my finished page.

Micki Wilde: TurnANegativeIntoAPositive LB32 MickiWilde

Tamara Laporte: StagsPattern &Ritual LB23 Tam

Dyan Reavely: Spring LB14 Dyan Tamara Laporte: Quirky Animals LB15 Tam

Tascha Parkinson: Positive SelfTalk LB46 TaschaParkinson

Danielle Daniel: Honour Your Inner World LB19 DanielleDaniel

Tascha Parkinson: Gratitude In the Now LB17 TaschaParkinson

Serena Bridgeman: Courage& Creativity LB48 SerenaBridgeman

Christy Tomlinson: Choose Joy LB51 Christy Tomlinson

Finnabair: Breathe LB33 Finnabair2

Carissa Paige: prettyejunque.wordpress.com


Lifebook 2014 : Week 5

The first time I tried one of Marieke Blokland’s Cotton Candy Diva’s, it didn’t turn out very well. This lady came out much closer to the inspiration piece, although I couldn’t make the ears look right, so left them off. The background is very layered, and I should have been a bit more light handed with the acrylic paint so more of the lower layers could peek through.

Sugar Sugar LB5