Life Book 2014: Week 34 Cosmic Smash Book

Teacher: Cat Geller.
I found the composition notebooks at Officeworks here in regional QLD. They are the only exercise book I could find that has the sewn binding. I wonder how our normal stapled exercise books would hold up, especially with the ribbons tied in to help keep the spine intact.

Both Covers P1040541 P1040542 P1040543

The front cover is the piece I made for Serena Bridgeman’s Week 20 class, altered to replace the lotus flower with a heart and the background pushed back a bit with aqua paint and gesso. Yes the title of my book is Brave Heart. The back cover is a page I did recently and is based on a piece of Diane Duda’s art. I am completely in love with my book, especially the ‘gilded edges’. I can’t stop touching it! I think I will use it as an ongoing ‘grumpy dumping ground’, a la, Micki Wilde’s Week 32 Lesson.


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